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Halal Restaurant Near me

Halal Restaurant Near me

Expectations Vs Reality:

Halal Restaurant Near me This article is about the need of halal restaurants in foreign countries. Being a Moslem and living in foreign countries is not as luxuries concept as many Asian people think. The perception of luxury life gets a real break when a person is surrounded by all strangely named restaurants that do not serve halal food.  Everyone has to search on their cell phones: “Halal restaurant near me”, every time when they travel to some new city/ place. Getting Halal food in strange places is quite a difficult task. The present article is about the same venture, which demonstrates the dire need of halal restaurants in commercial and non-commercial areas.

Finding A Halal Restaurant Is A Real Struggle:

Many people narrate their personal experience regarding the tiresome efforts of finding a halal restaurant. I am sharing my very personal experience where I was unable to find a Halal restaurant near me. I am fond of traveling and exploring new things, people and places. I came off to this totally strange place where I have spent my whole day while roaming around here and there. When it was about 12 O’ clock, suddenly my stomach starts aching out of hunger and I was unable to find any Halal restaurant near me.

I kept on asking many pedestrians and other people roaming around.  About half an hour passed and I was totally desperate for food but I could not bother to swallow any kind of food that was not Halal. Our religion has permitted us to save our life by eating prohibited food when the matter got worse i.e. of life and death. I was searching here and there, in every street and corner and was losing my strength. I was about to give up, when I looked on my extreme left side and there is a Halal restaurant near me. It was at the distance of two to three meters, from the bench I was sitting on, at the edge of the road. I gathered up my all courage, dragged my feet to this heaven on Earth.

It was enough for me that I had found a Halal Restaurant near me. I did not have any idea that this worst experience of my life will turn out to be the most pleasant and remarkable incident of my life. When the food got served, it created an aura of deliciousness around me. I had ordered a Burger with mayo, French fries, and a drink. The presentation of the burger with dripping mayo was making it a dream food for a hungry person like me who had searched every corner to find some Halal restaurant near me. The food was best in quality, taste, and flavor.  Though I had explored every corner of the country, I had never tasted a burger like this. It proved to be the only one of its type as I have tasted other fast food items in other cities during my journeys. The name of the burger was Middle Town Fried Chicken Gryo.

Western Thoughts on Halal Food:

The point to ponder is why western people do not take halal food as a religious norm of Muslims as they do have norms in Christianity? Moslems are always considered cruel for slaughtering animals to fill their stomachs. The struggle is quite real, when Moslems are in some backward or in some non commercial areas, where Arab or Asian (specifically Moslem) food points are not available, Moslems are forced to be a vegan as they cannot simply walk into some non- Asian/ non- Arab restaurant and order the food. The served food will surely not be halal according to religious norms of the Moslems. Most of the Western people do not know what halal food is and if little do they know; they take it quite cruel to eat the meat of slaughtered animals. They just put the similarities among the carnivorous animals and Moslems, who can harm/ kill/ slaughter an innocent soul to fill their tummies.

Halal restaurants can serve Moslem students, tourists, and Moslem residential:

Halal restaurants are becoming mandatory in foreign countries because foreign countries have a lot of citizens that are migrants from Moslem countries. When they cannot cook food at home or want to have some food from the food markets, there should be some halal food restaurants so, they can feel ease while living in foreign countries. The students living in hostel and apartments also find it hard to rely on the served food as they are not sure about the food either it is halal or not.

Halal Restaurants as Business Opportunity:

Halal restaurants should not be considered just as the fulfillment of a specific religious community’s norm. It should also be considered as a business opportunity as all people in Western cultures are not vegan. Some want to taste the halal food out of curiosity, some may like the taste or some want to change their taste for a meal. The business of Halal food restaurants can be quite beneficial as, there are a lot of migrants, residential and travelers; who use to visit the different countries. Serving them with halal food can give them a good experience for life time.

Concluding remarks:

Western culture always talks about freedom of expression. Freedom of expression does not mean that anyone can speak against the religious norms of a specific community just because; they are acting in accordance with one’s culture. Freedom of expression is not enough, showing respect for other religious communities also matters, when it comes to the foreign countries that have metropolitan cities. Discriminating someone on the basis of religion and religious norms is not allowed in any religion. Western culture should show harmony towards its citizens, travelers, and students by providing them halal food. This initiative should be taken on National as well as on an International basis.